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Jordi Morell

Bateria & Vibrafonista

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Trio Tico is a flamenco fusion group. This year sees the debut of the Fandango Mediterrani concert, a musical journey through songs inspired by different places on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

The fusion, so characteristic of the Mediterranean culture, land of confluence between cultures, is also found in the music of Trio Tico, where the flamenco background of Carlos Coronado's guitar is combined with the jazzy airs of Guillem Soler's bass. Uniting these two visions of the Mediterranean, Jordi Morell's drumming converges between these two sides, looking for the characteristics of flamenco and popular Mediterranean rhythms, and adapting them to new melodies and improvisations.

There will be no shortage of well-known songs on this trip that will take us a little further to more distant lands, but which do not lose the essence of Mediterranean music. Pieces that want to pay tribute to great composers and guitar masters such as Paco de Lucía, Vicente Amigo, Al Di Meola or Toti Soler.

Concert al Monestir de Santa Maria de Lillet el 18.03.23

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