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Jordi Morell

Bateria & Vibrafonista

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The union of the vocal talent of Neus Mar with the innovative drive of the cobla La Flama de Farners has crystallized in a new show that invites us to taste the most characteristic sounds of the different places of the Catalan Countries. As diverse as the territory is, so is our music. The plain, the interior, the mountains, the city, the coast, its islands... Each of these landscapes has its own music that, as a whole, identifies us as a people. Havaneras, mountain and work songs, roots dance, author's song... these are some of the pieces of different colors and sizes that make up the popular music of our country.


They are uneven themes, of various origins and long life, that fit in this Trencadís, now revisited and reformulated by the voice of Neus Mar and the versatility of the couplet, with new arrangements to highlight our most popular musical heritage.

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