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Jordi Morell

Bateria & Vibrafonista

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The Catalan tenor and composer, after more than three decades of a successful professional career, presents in quintet format a repertoire based on the themes of his latest albums together with arrangements of traditional songs. Molina has succeeded in making the instrumental sound of a tenor lead a group of musicians with the clear desire to place the instrument far from the category of folk instrument characteristic of the sardana. With these latest albums, the musician shows the possibilities of the tenor as a versatile instrument suitable for any style. In this case it does so by adapting to the particularities of jazz and new age in terms of contemporary genres, and also to the singularities of fandango, style singing and havanera in terms of our traditional melodies .


The members of this quintet are Jordi Molina (tenor and composer), Júlia Molina (vocals), Marcel Torres (guitar), Lluís Subiranas (double bass) and Jordi Morell (drums).

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